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Planet Color® Custom Paints and Finishes is a complete line of custom automotive and restoration paints offering everything you need - from prime to shine!
  • Planet Color - Intermix color additives, dye concentrates, and mixing clears
  • Planet Color Barrett-Jackson Collector Color Series - Factory-Packaged basecoat/clear coat color products
  • Planet Color Barrett-Jackson Restoration System - Complete paint system packaged in gallon and quart project kits
  • Primer - Durable undercoat and primer products
  • Color - Color additives and factory-packaged color products
  • Finish - High quality clear coat products
  • Basecoat/Groundcoat - Base colors that require a clear top coat
  • Clear Coat - Final finishing clear coat
  • Mid-Coat - Apply over basecoat for added effect
  • Primer - Foundational coating before color is applied
  • Single Stage Color - Color and Clear in one product
  • National Rule - Products formulated to meet national regulatory limits
  • Low VOC - Products formulated to meet VOC regulatory limits in areas with limits lower than the national rule