Urethane Color Kit
Black Cherry Metallic
( PCGK11 - Gallon Kit )
Planet Color® Barrett-Jackson Restoration System Urethane Color is a complete project kit that contains the tools needed to mix and prepare your paint color for spraying. This high quality urethane color is a single stage paint, so a clear top coat is not required. When used with the Planet Color® Barrett-Jackson Restoration System Epoxy Primer Kit, vehicle painting can be achieved with only two kits, simplifying the restoration process.
Features and Benefits
  • Complete automotive urethane color kit includes: Color and hardener, mixing cup, wood stir sticks (2), paint strainers (2), large gloves (1 pair), and an application guide
  • 4:1 mix ratio
  • Gallon kits product 5 sprayable quarts and quart kits produce 5 sprayable half-pints
  • Single stage color does not require a clear coat
  • Clear coat is optional for added depth
  • Professional quality urethane paint will not deteriorate with exposure to gasoline or other automotive chemicals
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