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From classic vehicle restoration colors to optically enhanced custom colors, Planet Color® Custom Paints and Finishes has the color you need for your next vehicle painting project.
  • Planet Color - Intermix color additives, dye concentrates, and mixing clears
  • Barrett-Jackson -Factory-packaged restoration colors - Barrett-Jackson Approved!s
  • Barrett-Jackson Colors - Optically Enhanced Classic Muscle Colors - Barrett-Jackson Approved
  • Barrett-Jackson Restoration System - Single stage restoration colors - no clear coat required
  • Alloy Tones - Shimmering, Twinkling, and Metallic
  • Bikini Brites Tones - Bold, Iridescent, and Hot Colors
  • Classic Muscle - Distinguished, Masterly, and Flawless Colors
  • Cosmic Tones - Bold, Brilliant with dramatic high metallic flash
  • Jewel Tones - Brilliant, Gemlike, and Timeless Colors
  • Northern Lights - Calming, Subtle, and Soothing Colors
  • Rugged Tones - Tough and Strong Textured Effects
  • Silhouette Tones - Soft, Mild with cool color shift
  • Sinister Tones - Mystical, Supernatural, and Ominous Colors
  • Sweet Tones - Extra Bright Flaked Bases, Covered with a Sweet Candy Coating
  • Tuner Tones - Bold, Exciting, and Electrifying Colors
  • XL Tones - Extra Large Bold and Brilliant Flake
  • Single Stage – Color and clear in one product. No clear topcoat required
  • Basecoat/Clearcoat – Base colors that require a clear topcoat
  • 3-Stage – Base colors with a mid-coat effect or candy coating. Clear topcoat required